My name is Michael Read and this is the story of the year I decided I wouldn’t be fat anymore.  It began at the end of 2010 when I dropped a suit size, from 52 (above, September 2, 2010) to 50, in a space of two months.  A friend suggested over wine that I start 2011 off by hiring a personal trainer.  At a later suggestion of another friend over beer, I also took up running. Ironically, both life decisions were made over alcohol.  Just putting that out there.

After writing about my weight loss journey on Facebook for friends and family, I decided to take my story public in the hope of inspiring others.

This is me now (January 2012). I reached my goal weight of 170 lbs at the end of September 2011. Now I’m on a journey even more perilous than the first: keeping it off.

You can start at the beginning, or if you want the Cliff Notes version of how I got here, I did a few posts at the beginning of the year entitled So You Say You Want a Resolution: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. There’s a also a photo gallery.

Hope you enjoy the read and it helps motivate you to achieve your own goals.



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  1. Michael, it’s great to hear from you once again! As a fellow Ph.D., I also feel the pain of finding useful applications for all of those years of toil. It sounds like you have found a fine balance, both personally and professionally. I want to extend my congratulations to you and Kalin on your engagement. It knew it was to be, recalling the very fond recollections you shared in the blog. Do keep me posted and send me a link to the newest adventures.

    Best wishes,
    Meredith (aka Sammy Frites)

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