Comeback trail

Now this was a week. So much better than last week.

You know you’re having an off week when the highlight is waking up at 6 am to join thousands of women looking for a deal on yoga pants. As much as I did have fun with the Lululemon sale, it was the high point of a pretty mediocre week. The bruised muscles from the fall meant I couldn’t do much of anything until Wednesday when I went to Greco in the morning and run club in the evening. Total overkill. Thursday was pretty much back to the couch.


Of course you know about Friday. I’m sure a lot of us who were there Friday morning probably had some morning after regrets as we saw the Twitter updates on Saturday and Sunday. No buyers remorse with anything I had purchased, but had I waited a day, the lines were much quicker on day 2 and 3 and by mid-morning Saturday, they were additional deals on men’s stuff. Like I said, not a lot of dudes in those lines.

… okay the maybe six guys there who weren’t dragged  there by their significant other


…it was just me?


Early bird gets the worm? My ass.

At the same time, it’s not like I had anything better to do Friday morning.

This week was so much better.

It started Sunday with run club.

The 5K instructor was out of town, so I was asked to lead her clinic’s run. While I was looking forward to a good 6K with the 10K group, duty called. Have to say, I’m jealous. The new clinic is easily the size of my last two combined. The run, of course, was followed by coffee at Bridgehead.

Monday and Tuesday it was back to Greco. They’ve started their Extreme Lean and Fit program on Tuesdays, Thursdays,  and Saturdays, so I figured I would give it a shot. It’s a more intense workout, with a longer time at each station, but fewer stations and only two sets. I really enjoyed Tuesday and Thursday, but I think I’ll probably do one of their regular workouts on Friday and keep Saturday as my routine recovery day. The 8 am time might get complicated once the job situation is rectified, too.

Wednesday, swam in the morning and got my 6K in with a great run from the front of Parliament Hill, across to Gatineau and back to the store. It was a great evening. Since it was only -5, -10 with the windchill, it was actually the warmest run this year. I like doing the longer distances with the 10K as a warm-up to the half-marathon clinic as it pushes me out of my 5k comfort zone, yet eases me into half-marathon.

It being January 25th, it was only fitting for this half-Scottish Maritimer to get his haggis on at the Highlander. While they normally do it over a couple of nights, they just did it on Wednesday this year. I guess they figure with the All-Star game in town, they don’t need specials to pack the place. Unfortunately, I also got there too late for the formal ceremony of the piping of the haggis and the free stuff, so no pictures in the centurion helmet this year. Will try to correct this when it’s their mascot’s birthday next month.

Thursday, I got back to Greco for another Extreme Lean and Fit in the morning and then, in the afternoon, I got my skate on.

That’s right, I hit the Rideau Canal for the first time this year. I had promised a friend I would teach her how to skate and we both wanted to do it before the tourists hit town for Winterlude. It was closed due to warm weather earlier this week and, from the look of the forecast, there was the possibility of another such closure today (and it is).

If we wanted to avoid a crowd, it was the wrong day. Someone, me, should have looked at what was going on around town. When we got there, there were hundreds, if not thousands of people gathered on the canal. The RCAF brass band was playing the hockey theme (the music that used to be the theme to Hockey Night in Canada). There was a parade of TimBit hockey players pushing the NHL Award trophies along the canal. Then the trophy of trophies arrived…

Hopefully the first of many Stanley Cup parades in Ottawa.

If you haven’t guessed yet, Ottawa is the host city of this year’s National Hockey League’s All-Star Game. There’s a ton of events downtown and the game, itself, is out at Scotiabank in Kanata. As we in Ottawa like to say, Scotiabank isn’t in the ass end of nowhere, but you can see it from there. I was so spoiled living in DC. A five minute walk to the Twinbrook metro station and the train would take me right to the Verizon Center in Chinatown. Here, you get on a bus and unless you get on at the Rideau Centre, you will be lucky to make it in time for the puck to drop. They also leave immediately after the game or event is over, so you have to beat it to the bus stop in order to get home or be stranded at the stadium. Don’t stop at the merch table.

Once the buzz of the Cup had passed, it was time to get skating. The crowd on the canal stayed with the cup towards the Wellington St. end of the canal and we set off in the opposite direction.

Michael C. Read, PhD., Professor of Skating Sciences

We skated as far as the Bank St. Bridge and made it back within  two hours. My student fell a few times, but was a total trooper. After shedding the skates, it was time for me to chase some tail.

Beavertails, that is!

Don't judge!

Not exactly on any meal plan anywhere, but I figure I can take the hit for this once in a blue moon treat. In my defence, it just had cinnamon and lemon juice. There were much worse options available.

As you can see the sun was going down at this point and temperature was dropping like a stone. It was time to further reward ourselves with some scotch, MacAllan 12 year, and a bowl of soup at the Highlander.

Woke up this morning to some sloppy weather and decided to workout at my building.  I figure a good 45 minutes in the salt water followed by some sauna time might be good for the muscles after what I put them through this week.



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