You Say You Want A Resolution

I was planning on distilling some final thoughts/year-in-review type stuff on my weight loss journey in next week’s regular blog post.   Of course, waiting for airplanes this time of year gives one time to get ahead.  Also, a retweet from Philip DeFranco has created renewed interest in the blog.  All things considered, I figured a series of quick posts may be in order.

Since many of you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, you’re probably trying to figure out how you’re going to accomplish it.

This is no place for amateurs.  Call in the professionals. 

I’ve  succeeded on my own but failed on my own more than I succeeded.  You can buy a million books and google a million diets, but you’re probably going to fail.  The books are written for a broad audience, not you and your circumstance. I must have picked up a dozen diet books over the years.  Put most of them back on the shelf when their nutrition plans started breakfast with … eggs.

I hate eggs.



I’d flick through the pages to see what the substitute for eggs was.  Egg whites.

Real genius, guys (and girls).

If I wanted the substitute or additional information, there was a lovely website I could go to get what I was looking for … with a paid subscription.

What is this? Dragon’s Den? Did Kevin O’Leary put you up to this?

I tried NutriSystem, once. I tried it because I liked the idea of a month’s worth of food arriving by mail. I had just recovered from a few days of illness when the cupboards were bare, so this appealed to me.

Good Lord that food was awful. It made me want to get sick so I could go to the hospital to have better food. Despite shedding a few pounds on that plan, when the second month’s supply arrived, I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. I happened to look out my apartment window and saw a homeless person dumpster driving in my building’s parking lot. I left the box outside where he could find it when he climbed out of the bin and called NutriSystem to cancel my service.

Whether you get a personal trainer like I did, a nutritionist, a doctor, Weight Watchers or whatever, get advice tailored to your needs and goals.  You’re going to need to spend money to lose weight. You’ll either need a gym membership, equipment, gear or, like me, all of the above.  I did a trainer. I had a friend in grad school who had great success with Weight Watchers. The point is to get expert advice for you as an individual, not you as one of the teeming masses.

Instead of throwing good money after bad advice, pay for advice for you, not the millions of people that watch Oprah. To use the language of my generation, your professional is narrowcast, their professional is broadcast.

JM and me on my last day at Free Form Fitness

For me, hiring a trainer, JM at Free Form Fitness, created the motivation to succeed.  I like my money. I like spending my money on stuff. Stuff I can see, stuff I can use. If I didn’t show up to my sessions, I would be out money.  I was paid decently at my old job, but the training ate up pretty much all of my disposable income. If I didn’t follow the meal plan, I would be out money.  Ironically, if I did everything right and succeeded, I’d still be out money, but I would see the results for which I paid.  In that case, it would be money well spent.

Big picture: I may not be able to afford a tropical vacation this year to show off a beach body, but I would have a beach body to show off next year.

The best thing about calling in the pros, is that you don’t have to figure things out. That’s what you pay them for.

Their job: come up with a plan for your success.

Your job: JFDI – just fucking do it. (Apologies for the strong language. I try to keep the blog cleaner than my real world language)

Now that I’ve reached my main goal for the year, my target weight of 170 lbs, I’ve switched experts. I’m going to Greco Lean and Fit. As my sessions with JM were expiring, Greco had a special on for Parliament Hill staff and I still was one. It’s not personal training, but it’s still infinitely more effective than going solo.
When I was talked into taking up running by my friend Christian, I went to the experts, my local Running Room. I learned a lot from my Learn to Run instructor, Jen, and the 5K clinic instructor, Maya, and now I have two clinics as an instructor under my belt. Going back to being a student, though, and taking the half-marathon clinic.

The boss, John Stanton, CEO of the Running Room, and myself at the Army Run 3K Friendship Warm Up Run

If you stick with your resolution, you’ll improve your life in ways I can’t begin to describe. The short version is: even if you don’t feel bad now, even if you’re not sick or suffering from some weight-related malady, losing weight will make you not only feel so much better, it will make you be so much better.
I’ll share a few more of these this week.
Until then,

2 responses

  1. Where do I get one of the JFDI bumper stickers? T-shirts? 🙂

    Excellent advice, both the JFDI and overall. I concur.

  2. I’d make some, but I’d probably get sued by the guy who gave me that advice. 😉

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