Week 49 – Packing

Made it through the marathon of events on Friday with my waistline intact.  The anticipated events of the day were further complicated when I arrived Friday morning and informed the Speaker’s driver has been stricken with pneumonia and unable to perform his duties.

The fill-in guy?


Not a problem. Until 5:30 when I have to leave for the Running Room for my 5K clinic.  Thankfully, another staff member was willing to stay until the Speaker wanted to leave.  Thanks, JP.

Overconsumption of alcohol  at my building’s end of year party helped in this regard.  Without going into the gory details, lets’ just say some junk didn’t stay in my digestive system long enough to be converted to fat.  Same for my post-run brown rice sushi. I’m sure if this was a routine occurence, I would be diagnosed with an eating disorder.

No worries of that happening. I don’t intend on getting that polluted for a long time.  Frankly, I didn’t intend on getting that wasted Friday either.  A quick drink became a few drinks quickly. Next thing I know, it’s 3 am.

Needless to say, Saturday was a write-off.  Other than a few errands, it was a productive day of couch surfing.

Sunday’s run helped finally lifted the fog.  There is something about running in the crisp, cold morning air of December that cures so many ailments.

I’ve been doing a lot of packing lately.  On Monday, I’m heading home for the holidays, back to New Brunswick. I’m using Porter Airlines for the first time. Flying to Moncton, where Dad will pick me up and we’ll head to Fredericton.   I have an uncle who lives near the airport, so I’m in no danger of being stranded alone if Moncton lives up to its reputation of being the buckle of the Maritimes’ snow belt that night.

It being the holidays, there are luggage restrictions: 1 piece of checked luggage, 1 carry on. Since I’ll be home for two weeks and plan to run often, including the Resolution Run on New Year’s Day, I’m going to get rather creative at packing. This is not the first time and not unique to Porter this time of year.  I stopped buying presents before I travel a long time ago.  When I lived in DC, I might buy a couple of unique Washington items for my nephews like when I bought these in my first year:

The Christmas presents from my first year in Washington, DC. 2005

Other than stuff like that, I prefer to do my shopping at home.  Less likely to get lost in transit.  My preferred method is actually online shopping. I love ordering the stuff from here in Ottawa, having it shipped to my parents’ house and have it waiting for me to wrap it.  The obvious problem is that since I don’t live at home anymore, I’m clueless as to what my nephews already have or that their parents or grandparents have already bought them.

I’m going to brave the mall of Fredericton.  By the way, Fredericton friends, is the Brookside Mall still a mall? I haven’t been there in over a decade. Everytime I arrive at the one southside mall remaining, Regent Mall, I can’t help but hear the Saint Crispin’s Day Speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V.

Yes, I equate going to the mall in the last few days of December before Christmas with girding for war.

Don’t you?

It’s not just my luggage I am packing.  It’s my office, too. On December 31st, my contract with the Honourable Noel A. Kinsella expires.  I was informed some time ago that it would not be renewed. Thus, an adventure that began in 1998 when I took his Introduction to Human Rights course at St. Thomas comes to an end.  Together, we have elected Premiers, Party Leaders, and Prime Ministers. His support has helped me complete two Masters degrees (even if the second was a technicality, I still have the diploma) and a Doctorate. Even the adventures of the past year would not have been possible without his support.

I have some job applications in queue. Hopefully, one will show fruition shortly.

Crap news aside, another 5K clinic comes to a close.  While there are two weeks left after tonight’s session, my travel plans mean I will not be able to finish with my students. It’s unfortunate, but unavoidable.  To stay would mean travelling on Christmas Eve and returning on the no later than the 9th. That was a crap shoot I was not prepared to take. Frankly, given the news in the last few paragraphs, I need more than a couple of days of hearth and home.  As it is, not knowing back in November when or if I had to be back on the job, conservatively booked my return for Januaury 3rd. I took the clinic out for a drink at the Royal Oak last night for an early end of clinic celebration.  We had some members of the Learn to Run and Half-Marathon clincs join us.  It was good night.  The walk home in the cold rain I could have done without.

As it gets closer to race day, even if it is a fun run, I get more excited.  As I’ve written previously, I’m especially excited for this one because it will be in my hometown.  My parents will finally get to see me in a race.  It’s also my last 5K race before I start the half-marathon training.  Can’t wait.



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