Week 48 – So many parties, so little time

Crazy week since the last post.

It’s that time of year. The holidays approach like the Imperial Fleet attacking the Rebels at Hoth.

I can’t wait for them to arrive.  I’m looking forward to heading back to New Brunswick for a couple of weeks to see the family and friends.

It’s the lead-up that’s killer.   Receptions and parties galore.  Again, there’s the one’s we host to which I have to go.  There’s some I want to go because I know I will run into friends.  Then there’s the mandatory ones, like my party’s Christmas party.  It’s usually a pretty fun event.  This year was no exception.  The only problem was it was the last event in a series of events that day which included my 5K clinic.  After the Senate rose for the day yesterday, I did a quick walk through of the Senate caucus and staff Christmas party and the Canadian Wireless Association Christmas party before heading to the store to get ready for the clinic.

Quick visit to the change room and Clark Kent became Superman.  Ran 4.2 k with clinic. Quick change back and off to the party.  Sat with some pretty nice people.  One fellow was from up north, Iqaluit.  We ended up talking hunting.  He showed me pictures of walrus tusks and I showed him some pictures of my friends’ polar bear rug.

With a 5:30 wake-up for a workout approaching, I couldn’t stay very long after the meal was done. The pre-dinner run didn’t help the energy levels much.  Had a brief surge of adrenaline when I got home and unpacked my backpack to find my Garmin missing.  In my rush get back into Clark Kent mode, I left it behind at the store.  Thankfully, a quick Facebook message to the manager and it turned up.

Phew! That could have been a very expensive mistake.

Going to be a similar situation tomorrow night. It’s the Speaker’s Christmas Party tomorrow. I have to duck out halfway through for my clinic, on the way to which I’ll stop by Greco for the grand opening of the Sparks St. location.  After the run, I hope to grab some Freshii and make it back to my building in time to catch the end of it’s Christmas social.

Of course, one the pitfalls of this time of year is the abundance of utter crap in terms of food choices at these events.  I try to avoid the temptation by eating healthy before I go so I don’t get hungry and gorge on junk food while I’m there.  It’s worked so far.  My wieight has remained relatively stable throughout the party season so far. Even when the weight is up a bit, my body fat percentage has been in steady decline.  Even tonight, I plan on having my afternoon snack just before the Speaker’s party and then grab a good meal in between events. Hopefully, it’ll be enough to keep the appetite at bay and keep my energy level up. 

Longtime readers will know one of few consequences of this journey has been the death of the night owl I used to be.  I can barely make it past 11 most nights.  I’m not sure if this is necessarily a negative consequence, though.  When I’m awake, I’m rarely tired.  Compared to the man I was a year ago, I feel supercharged.  Like most cars, though, the bigger the engine, the quicker the fuel burns.  Hey, I’ve gone from being a mini-van to an Aston Martin, so what do I have to bitch about?

In the end, not much.

The 5K clinic is still going well.  A little sad, though, I won’t be there for the end.  Winter travel schedules being what they are, I couldn’t arrange my holidays in such a way that I could keep my clinic commitment for those last two sessions, as well as the Resolution Run.  The Ottawa Resolution Run sold out so fast, it hastened the decision to stay in Fredericton.  It will be nice to do a run in my hometown for a change. My folks will actually be there to cheer me on.  It isn’t a timed run, but I would still like to do a personal best since it will likely be my last 5k run before I start half-marathon training. For the first time since I started grad school, I’m looking forward to being a student again.



2 responses

  1. Tell me about it – I am more awake in the day, too, but 11 pm? Driving home at 9 pm last night, I was wondering if I should pull over & let my husband drive. Straight to bed. If that’s what my body needs, then so be it, because I wouldn’t trade this progress.

    1. Somehow managed to get through all the events last night and partied with my neighbors until well past 2 am. The consequence was that today was a complete write-off. I barely managed to get through my usual Saturday errands. Good thing Saturday is a planned recovery day.

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