Week 43 – Evening the Odds

Had another great week.  Thanks for all the great support.

Having fun with the Greco Lean and Fit program.  The exercise classes can be really killer.  Once upon a time, “killer” would not be meant as a compliment, but now I crave a killer workout in the morning.  There’s some exercises that I totally suck at – pretty much anything involving those slider pads.  I just don’t have the coordination to get them right … yet.

The meal plan for the Lean and Fit program is more open ended than the one I had at Free Form Fitness.  This is good because now that I have recently gotten back low glycemic carbs like sweet potatoes and brown rice, the idea of starting back at zero and giving them up again was not welcome.  Like everything else, I have to watch the portions, but at least they’re not off limits.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that it’s not the weekend I need to fear when it comes to food choices, but the actual work week.  The weekend is easy.  Since Friday is a run day, dinner that night is usually a swing by Freshii where the least healthy thing I might order could be their bangkok burrito and there’s nothing off meal plan about it.  If I’m out on Saturday, I’ve usually eat before I drink so at least one choice that night will be made sober.

It’s the work week that is killer.  Since there are a lot of social functions with my day job, and the Senate sitting can be unpredictable, it can often be a late night.  In my pre-fitness days, it wasn’t unheard of to have lunch at noon and not get out of the office for the night at midnight.  At which point, you’re so hungry your brain is not functioning properly and pretty much any food choice you’ll make will be a stupid one.  Even if I didn’t stop for take out on a late night, I might get home only to order delivery.

This is the type of stupidity my brain would take as rational:  Let’s pay $20 for the pizza place two blocks away to bring me a large pizza in half an hour when I already have the ingredients in the  fridge to make a single pizza in ten minutes for about $4.

The key is to have something ready to eat when I get back to my apartment.  For this, I’m trying out the Red Apron. They make gourmet meals to go using fresh, local and organic ingredients.  I picked up some of their frozen single serving meals along with some fresh stuff for that evening and a bean chipotle dip that was amazing.  The meat/vegetable/carb portions are about right for Greco’s nutrition plan. I’ll often add a salad or roast some additional veggies for good measure.  Pretty simple preparation: thaw then heat.  I’ll take them out of the freezer when I’m leaving for the day and they’ll be thawed by the time I get back.  Since I’m never fussy about the microwave, I usually put them in the oven which gives me a chance to cook some more vegetables. Last night I roasted some brussel sprouts in olive oil while Shepard’s Pie warmed for 20 minutes at 375 degrees.  Knowing I have a fresh meal a mere twenty minutes after I get home helps cut down on the temptation to stop for junk food on the way home or order out when I get there.

I started my new 5k clinic at the Running Room last Friday.  I have pretty good group.  It’s about eight, the same size as my last clinic.  Some of us showed up on Sunday dressed for Hallowe’en.  I threw on a SHIELD t-shirt I bought at the Comic Book Shoppe on Bank St.  Since I couldn’t find an eyepatch in time (in truth, I didn’t look that hard) I went as Agent Coulson instead of Nick Fury.  (Think Agent Coulson is just a stuffed suit? Check out the short “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer” on the Captain America DVD).

I have a few repeat offenders – runners who have been away for a while due to injury or other issues and are coming back – and some newbies.  Among the newbies is my friend Vicky.  Since she’s already done the Army Run, it seems weird to lump her in with the newbs, but it is her first clinic.  Having a familiar face in the group makes it a little easier to start in front of a new group. 

Speaking of familiar faces, some of the alumni from my last clinic have still been coming out to the practice runs.  Some are running with my group, while others are running with the 10K or half-marathoners depending on the distance they’re going that day. After ten weeks of putting up with me, they’re still running. 

I guess I did something right.



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