Week 41 – A Tale of Two Grecos

Thanks for all the kind words the last couple of weeks since I’ve reached my target weight. I won’t be posting my weekly weigh-ins anymore. Now that I’ve reached my weight goal, I’m getting less scale obsessive. I still get on it a couple times a week, but the fluctuations on way or the other are rather miniscule.

Last week was the perfect storm of indulgence: thanksgiving and two birthdays (mine and a friends). I was between training programs, so I used that as an excuse to have a few things on my birthday I hadn’t had much of this year: fish and chips and beer. Saturday, there was a post glow-bowling pizza run. I regret nothing. To be honest, it was off night for the cooks at the Highlander, the Scottish pub in Ottawa where I traditionally have my birthday, and my fish and chips were at best, mediocre. The medium pizza was originally meant to be split between myself and a couple of friends, but in our inebriated state we kind of forgot our designated driver telling us to get a couple of smalls because she, and therefore her husband couldn’t stay. Since I paid for the one pizza we had, it was mine for the keeping. I had about half and tossed the rest in the morning. Woke up so dehydrated from the beer and the salt of the processed meats on the pizza, any momentary pleasure of that evening was erased by morning’s reality. Sort of like a one stand of another sort.

In the end, giving in to temptation was actually helpful. Since I indulged and was ultimately disappointed, the temptation won’t be returning anytime soon. Now, instead of staring at those menu items longingly, I’ll move on to a healthy option.

I was back on the wagon as of Sunday. I was starting a new meal plan and workout program. Free Form Fitness was great and got me to my goal, but it was bloody expensive. As I was finishing there, there was a special announced for Hill staff at the new Greco location on Sparks St. for their Lean and Fit program.

That’s right, I said, “Greco”. For us East Coast Canadians, Greco is the purveyor of pizza and donairs. There’s actually one of those Grecos in Ottawa, too, a Greco Express out on Carp Rd. way out in the boonies. Here’s their menu. Since I have a conflict of interest (my cousin’s husband works for their marketing department), I’m going to withhold judgement other than to say “Lean and Fit” are not words one normally associates with the East Coast’s Greco.

Here in Ottawa, Greco refers to Tony Greco, the proprietor of a local chain of fitness and personal training studios. He’s trained some local celebs like Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood. Maybe I should say, former local celebrities. The Lean and Fit program I enrolled in is different from the personal training I got at Free Form. There’s more flexibility and choice in the nutrition plan. It gives us lists of proteins, carbs, and fats and ranks them from favourable to unfavourable so we can educate ourselves in our food choices.

The exercise is also done in “classes”. The trainers set up circuits for multiple participants to work through, but, since I’m normally the only one there for the early morning classes, it might as well be personal training. The exercise circuits are pretty gruelling, yet fun. There’s a lot more attention paid to the core, which I like. The weight circuits at Free Form were designed to drop the mounds of fat all over my body but the exercises concentrated on legs, arms, chest, and shoulders. While I finished with them with those areas well developed, the core is still quite loose. I think this program will help get rid of the last remnants of the spare tire, which is now more like a spare training wheel.

The repleneshing of the wardrobe continues. I’m pretty much stocked up on business wear, although I could probably use a few more shirts. I succumbed to temptation last night and bought one last suit. They were 40% off at the Bay and I still need a simple black suit. Noticed when I was trying on a size 40 it was a little roomy. So I tried on a 38. It fit so much better. May be a style difference – I’ve been specifically choosing slim fit suits lately – but, screw it, I’m down another size!

The main reason I was at the Bay last night was actually to get some casual clothes. That compenent of the wardrobe has been particularly decimated and yet to be replenished. I currently have in equal measure business wear and athletic gear with nothing in between. Some of the business wear is business casual, but more business than casual. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t wear it around a campfire. I wanted to get a pair of jeans. Now that I don’t have to just buy the baggy styles, I find myself divided between style and utility. I want my jeans to comfortable like sweatpants. At the same time, now that I can fit into the fancy stuff, I’d like to show off the results of my labours. In the end, one from each category and a couple of shirts.

I’m teaching another 5K clinic for the Running Room. It starts next Friday, October 28th, and the target run is the Resolution Run. It’ll probably be the last clinic I teach for a while. I’m going to shift gears next year and train for the half marathon. The clinic that targets the Ottawa Race Weekend, excuse me, Tamarack Homes Ottawa Race Weekend begins in mid-February, which would be about three-quarters the way through a the 5K clinic that begins in January. Looking forward to meeting my new class.



3 responses

  1. I’m happy that you’re adopting the lifestyle. Its not about scales or weigh-ins. Its just about being healthy and balanced.
    Good luck with your 1/2 marathon training!! If you’re running it in May I’ll be at the finish line for ya bud!

    1. Baring calamity, I definitely intend to run the May half. See you at the finish line.

  2. […] New Brunswick with a bounty of the best New Brunswick and the Maritimes have to offer. Dinner was the other Greco, donairs, chased down with a growler of Best Bitter from Picaroons. She also brought me back a four […]

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