Week 38 – the Finish Line is in Sight

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This week’s weigh-in: 172 lbs

Weight loss to date: 64 lbs

To goal: 2 lbs

Another great end to the week. Thank you for your continued support. We’re at the last kilometre heading to the finish line.

As usual, it was a week of ups and downs and this week has been mostly ups on the weight front. Added 1.5 lbs over the weekend. Ate well Monday, but Tuesday was a friggin’ nightmare, though. It was our first sitting day and the office hosted a reception, to boot. Found out five minutes into my day I was heading to an event with the Speaker that would last well over mid-morning mealtime and I didn’t have time to grab my yougurt and berries. Having had breakfast at 6 am, I was so ravenous by 10 am that I ate … a muffin. That might have been a misdemeanor, but the felony was dinner. Since we were hosting a reception around the time of my afternoon meal, I decided to keep the shake I brought for the next day. Then I got dragged to another reception. Behaved myself food wise there. When they asked me to tag along for reception #3 at the Chinese embassy, I used my need to go to the Apple Store to pick up my repaired MacBook Pro (welcome home, buddy, I missed you) as my excuse to decline. Got home with my computer 8:45 pm and proceeded to put together a proper supper, but not before preparing my meals for the next day. I held off on doing that night’s supper until the end and didn’t eat until well after 9. Eating that late, I might as well have had chicken wings. Another 2 lbs on Wednesday morning. I behaved myself the rest of the week and managed to shed what I gained along with an additional pound.

Weeks like these are frustrating. Despite being a success overall, had I not messed up on earlier this week, I would have crossed the finish line this week. Now it’s not like I’m going reach some arbitrary goal and go back to being the old me, that dude is dead and buried with Jimmy Hoffa, but I’d like to wave the victory flag sooner rather than later.

Despite the end of week success, there still some lessons learned:

  1. I need to keep more portable mini-meals at the office.
  2. When coming home too late to eat a proper dinner, I should also do what I did last week and just eat a protein bar and then bed. Meal making can wait until morning.
  3. I make my worst food choices when ravenously hungry, avoid getting there by passing on alcohol before dinner.

It seems as though crossing the finish line with my trainer at Free Form Fitness is still within reach, but it means behaving very, very well this weekend. I give him a lot of credit for getting me to this point and its my own mistakes that have delayed victory. It is victory delayed, though, not denied. Weeks like this are my Dunkirk and Dieppe, but Overlord is upon us. Like Master Chief, I will finish the fight.

Okay, not exactly in shape to fight off the Covenant, but getting there.

Welcome Twits, Tweeters, or whatever you call yourselves….

I finally bit the bullet and joined Twitter. I used to dismiss it as a tool for self-promoters … only to realize I now had something to promote. I also read that Russell Crowe had joined and was tweeting his workouts as he’s getting in shape for his next film. I figured I can always have an imaginary competition with one of the biggest movie stars on the planet to keep up my motivation. Maximus? More like Minimus!

If you ever read this, Russell, please don’t kick my ass.

My friend Christian has been on Twitter for some time and follows other runners. When he first joined he very quickly found himself followed by what he considered an unsavoury element: Republicans. Specifically, Darth Vader himself, Karl Rove. I, too, found myself followed by a group that I would have thought unlikely to be interested in me: Internet pornstars. For the first time in I think forever, I found myself fighting off the ladies. While the advances of pretty women are always welcome, I know these are just phoney profiles intended to direct me to their for-pay websites. One even direct messaged me to see her profile on a dating website. Which one? Let’s just say Plentyofish it ain’t.

Despite that initial silliness, Twitter has helped draw some new readers to the blog. All are welcome. Hope you enjoy the read.

Run on for a long time

Run for the Cure is this Sunday! With the run, my first 5K clinic ends. I was pretty nervous starting out. It’s one thing to lecture in front of a hundred people on the philosophical foundations of human rights law, but try doing a talk wearing tiny running shorts and skin tight Under Armour! It was small group and we got friendly very quickly. They’re a great group. We’ll keep in touch with the practice run nights.

The next batch of clinics start at the end of the month. If they ask me to teach another one, I’ll jump at the chance. It turned out be pretty fun. The next clinics are geared towards the Resolution Run, a 5K that Running Room puts on across Canada on New Year’s Eve. I haven’t decided where I’ll run it – New Brunswick or Ottawa – because I haven’t settled on my Christmas holiday plans yet. I know I will run it, though.

I figure I have few 5Ks left before I move on up. I’m going to train for the Ottawa Race Weekend half-marathon next year. I’ll take the clinic that starts mid-February with that weekend as the target. It’s a 16 week programme so the training is well-paced. The downside is that I’ll be training mostly in cold weather for what will inevitably be a hot weather run. Since it will be my first half, I’ll set the goals modestly, but will try to be a bit more realistic than I was for my first 5K. Completion alone is not good enough a goal.

This time next year that Army Run jersey will be black. Believe it.



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