Week 37 – Getting there


Run for the Cure

This week’s weigh-in:  173 lbs

Weight loss to date:  63 lbs

To Goal:  3 lbs

Thanks everyone for their continued support. This is probably going to be a brief post compared to what you’ve come to expect from me. After 2.5 years of service, the logic board on my MacBook Pro blew. It is currently in the trusty hands of an Apple Store Genius. I’ve been sneaking a few minutes at the office here and there and using the iPod app on my Touch. Typing on a 3.5 inch touch screen is a level of Hell that Dante, himself, could not imagine. 

Started the week with a bit up on the weight, which makes today’s weigh-in all the more spectacular.  Seems to happen when I have a race. I’ve come to believe the whole “carbing up” before a race really doesn’t apply to us running short distances like 5K. While I didn’t have that many carbs, two beer the night before the race, I’m sure the gin and sodas the night after the race didn’t help much. As bad as beer is for the carbs, I might as stick with it since I usually suck by 3 gins in those tiny glasses for every beer they nurse. While it takes a couple hundred calories out of my day, it adds about 20-30 dollars to my bar bill.

Speaking of  a race …

Race Report – Canada Army Run

Sunday was the Canada Army Run. I ran the 5 k with my friends and some co-workers. It’s a great event that raises funds for charities that support wounded soldiers and their families. A number of my Running Room 5K clinic participants ran it, too.  Christian of Bald Guy Running ran the half-marathon and you can read his report there.

Speaking of the Running Room, I got to meet my other boss, the CEO of the Running Room, John Stanton, at a store sponsored 3K warm up the day before the race. Really nice man whose own story of fitness is well worth reading.

The boss

On to race day. The start time was an unGodly 8 am. It was a partially overcast, cool fall morning. Ideal race weather. There were 8000 people registered in each event, making it almost as large as Ottawa Race Weekend in May. The course was the same as the May race, the only exception being more water stations which were there more for the half-marathoners starting at 9 than us 5kers.

The 5K Runners

Stuck to my usual game plan of “10 and 1 until done”. Ran to Playlist 2, again. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. With any run this large, the mass start was like the running of bulls in Pampalona, Spain, except we runners were the bulls. It still amazes me that walkers think it’s actually a good idea to register for the higher corales.

That complaint aside, the crowd opened up when we turned onto Colonel By Dr. and gave me an opportunity to get some passing on before my first 1o minute interval ended. The 10 and 1 method is like when you drive long distances on the highway, you pass a bunch of cars, stop for gas/coffee/bathroom, get back on the highway and start by passing the same cars again. 

Among the runners were many wounded soldiers from our mission in Afghanistan, including some double amputees. Seeing them run and walk, I couldn’t help but cheer them on, myself, as I ran. Whenever I want to complain about some ache or pain, I’ll think of one particular soldier walking with two artificial limbs and surrounded by a phalanx of his unit buddies and suck it up.  I also saw some half-marathoners running in the MOPP suits they use to protect against chemical weapons and one fireman in full suit.  There’s a level of dedication that amazes me.

I had an awesome race.  My results were a personal best of 27:25. Out of 7354 finishers, I placed 1627th, within the top 25%.


Mmm. Gin. Tastes like victory.

Compare that with my first 5 K time earlier this year: 32:35 finish, placed 4321/7439.  Pretty damn good season.

So far

I still have some 5Ks left in me, though. Run for the Cure is October 2nd and I will probably run the Resolution Run on December 31st.  I just haven’t decided if I’m going to do it here in Ottawa or back in New Brunswick.

I’m setting a new running goal.  I’m going to take the half-marathon clinic at the running room over the winter to train for the Ottawa Race Weekend half marathon.  That’s right, I’m graduating to halfs.

I’m almost done with Free Form Fitness. I have another four sessions left and that is it. I can’t deny my trainer has been very effective for me and I certainly would not have gotten this far without him. It’s simply a matter of cost. I can’t afford another block of sessions.  I hope I can shed these last few pounds before I finish with them. Otherwise, I will be crossing the finish line without them. Regardless, I will not be crossing it alone. I know you’ll be there at the end cheering me on like you have since the beginning.



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