Running for a cause – a cure.

Frequent readers will know I’ve developed a love of running.  Many of the races I go on are fundraisers for a cause.

I have one coming up that supports a cause that I care deeply about:  breast cancer research.  Cancer had touched my family several times.  Both of my grandmothers have suffered from breast cancer, in particular.

My paternal grandmother, Nan Read, was diagnosed just before my parents were married in 1974.  She turned 95 this year.

Nan Read, 95 years young

My maternal grandmother, Ellen MacEachern wasn’t so lucky. She passed away after a long struggle with breast cancer when I was in my early teens.

It is in Grammie MacEachern’s memory and the memories of Nan Read yet to be made that I will be running in the Ottawa-Gatineau Run for the Cure.

My goal is to raise to $2000.00.  Support me by clicking the link above so kids, present and future, get to grow up with both their grandmothers.



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