Week 35 – Lessons not learned

This week’s weigh-in: 178 lbs

Weight loss to date: 58 lbs

To Goal: 8 lbs

Ugh.  Another post vacation weight gain.  As the song says, “Mother told me there’d be days like this.”

It could have been worse.  My first weigh-in on Wednesday was 180 lbs.  The same yesterday.

The difference is the shoes.  Waiting for me upon my return from vacation were the New Balance Stabilicores that I ordered from the Running Room.  They’re a good shoe, but I figured out pretty quickly that what makes them a more stable shoe also makes them a heavier shoe.  I wore my old Brooks today and that made the difference.

I have to admit to being a bit frustrated with myself.  Yes, I cheated at the beginning of the vacation. Thirty-six glorious hours of old haunts and old treats.  The major difference was new patterns.  The biggest difference was the Boyce Farmer’s Market.  Any friends who have spent time in the City of Stately Elms will know the Market is social centre of Fredericton.  More than any other place, that’s where you go to run into everyone.

Old, fat Michael would roll out of bed around 11, head down, spend about 90 minutes there.  My  food haul would consist of:

  • Kurt’s Hot Italian Sausage on a bun
  • French Italian Roast coffee from Whitney Coffee company
  • 6 hot beef samosas from Samosa Delight
  • Beef donair from Pano’s
  • 4 steak on a stick from Kang’s

I wouldn’t eat all this at once, but the sausage, steak,and donair would be eaten within a couple of hours of each other.  The samosas would most likely be consumed as a post-bar late night snack.

This time was different.  I woke up early by my old standards, 7 am.  By my new standard, 7 am is now sleeping in.  I was there by 7:30 and had my sausage.  Hung out at the coffee stand for an hour or so, before moseying about to see who else I could run into.  Ran into a few friends and acquaintances.  It was good to see them.  Bought the rest of my haul.  I had the steak three hours later.  The donair three hours after that.  The samosas were divided into mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks over the next couple of days.

As Saturday became Sunday, the cheat spree ended.  Good-bye bread and simple starches.  See you in few weeks … or months … or maybe never.  In many ways, the trip to the Market was like the backslide of romance that had run its course.  I’ve used the Casablanca analogy in a previous post.  This time, I was Ilsa and the Market was Casablanca, itself.  Don’t bother asking who Victor Lazlo is; the role hasn’t been cast.  As the clock hit midnight, though, I was like the proverbial Cinderella, home from one last visit to Wilser’s Room and off to bed to get up for my Sunday practice run.

Yes, I kept up with my running while away.  Despite the rain from Hurricane Irene, I ran with the Fredericton Running Room.  Their 5K clinic had just started, so it was a circuit of 5 and 1 times four.  Their instructor challenged her one student that braved the weather to add an extra interval.  She rose to the challenge.  I told her my own story and it seemed to motivate her to push on when she didn’t have to.

It was great to run in my hometown.  The city has paved the trail along the Green and many of the walking trails along the river since I left. I know a lot of runners don’t like this.  If I ran when I lived in Freddy Beach full-time, I would probably be with them.  I’m sure the city has its reasons, but seems like typical Ottawa-envy on the part of parks and recreation.  It even has a stripe to divide the lanes like along the Rideau Canal.

Yeah, I actually coined the term “Ottawa-envy”.  Fredericton is probably the one provincial capital that seems to want to do everything Ottawa does.  Every other capital has its own thing.  Some things Fredericton does better, like a blues festival which actually has blues acts as headliners.  Some things it does simply because Ottawa does it, like a capital commission (really? we needed that? good riddance.).  I’ll reserve judgement on paving the trails.

My runs in Cape Breton were on the gravel shoulder of the Route 4 highway where the family summer homestead lies.  Hills.  Lots of hills.  There’s a reason the province’s name translate directly from Latin to “New Scotland”.  The Read/Coleman/Gardner homestead is in a relatively low part of the highway that is surrounded by hills on all sides.  In fact, the area’s name “Ben Eoin” is Gaelic for “Ben’s Mountain”.  When you get to the plateau of one hill, you are greeted with … another hill.  Time wise, doing three 10 and 1 intervals I was still over 5 k each time and around 5:45/km.

Food wise, I mostly behaved post-cheat spree.  There were a couple of bad moves, but probably no more than had I been in Ottawa.  I did learn the lessons of the last couple of trips and prepared properly.  I drove to and from Cape Breton with nutrition plan friendly mid-morning and mid-afternoon meals.  I still had to stop for lunch, though.  I stopped each time at the Masstown Market where I got a lobster roll and chowder.  Both times, I didn’t eat the actual roll, just the lobster, and made my best effort to avoid the potatoes in the chowder, which were rather few. When served a meal where the only thing on the plate I could eat was the meat, I ate the meat. Drinking was typically gin and soda or white wine with the occasional gin gimlet or scotch thrown in the mix.  That’s right, I was in Nova Scotia and did not drink the local tap water, affectionately known as Alexander Keiths.

The lesson I didn’t learn was to be prepared for my return to Ottawa.  Could I be bothered to swing by Loblaws on the way home one night before I left to get some frozen veggies for when I got back? Nope.  Now that it’s open 24/7, I’m out of excuses. I came home again to fridge full of spoiled vegetables.  I’ve been playing catch up all week, getting just enough to get by until I get a decent grocery order in on the weekend.  I pretty much need everything.  In the interim, I’ve been picking up dinner at either Loblaws or Freshii on the way home everynight this week.  Healthy meals, but I could have made similar for less if I was better prepared.  This also caused me to over do it on a few mid-meals, such as having yogurt and berries when it called for meat and veggies because that is what I had in the fridge.   I might have been able to shed more weight than just a change of shoes if I returned to an apartment properly stocked.

I’m going to need to learn this lesson if I’m going to make it to the finish line and stay there.


PS – since the lack of Internet in Ben Eoin meant no post last week, here’s a Doctor Who running montage as a treat.




One response

  1. I think you are doing great! Nothing to be upset about if after vacation you didn’t drop weight. You have to look at the bright side and that you didn’t gain like 20lbs!!! (Holy crap if that happened.) I wish I had only half of the determination and dedication you have.
    Keep up the great work and you will hit your goal before you know it!

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