Week 33 – Now behave, Michael, but first…

This Week’s Weigh In: 175 lbs

Weight Loss to Date:  61 lbs

To goal: 5 lbs

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It feels great to have crossed the threshold of another milestone as I begin my second vacation.  Already I am feeling the challenges.  I am spending a couple of days in Fredericton before leaving for Cape Breton until Labour Day.  While I left enough supplies with my parents in the Cape to eat healthy while I’m there, the Fredericton pit stop presents a separate set of challenges.

Simply, ol’ Mother Hubbard’s cupboards are bare. Buying groceries seems rather futile.  I’m only here until Sunday or Monday, depending on what Irene does.

(For those living under a rock, Irene is a hurricane.  It’ll be a tropical storm by the time it reaches my neck of the woods, but it won’t be a good idea to do a six hour drive in it.  Current forecast suggests it will hit the Maritimes around midnight Sunday and continue raining until Monday.  Will decide when I’m leaving when I wake up Sunday.)

In Fredericton, temptation abounds.  It is the home of my favourite microbrew, Picaroons.  Saturday morning at the Boyce Farmer’s Market is the scene of many a crime.

Instead of pretending these temptations do not exist, however, I’m going to indulge them.  I’m giving myself a 36 hr window starting tonight and lasting until I hit the road on Sunday to feed my temptations.  There will still be restrictions.  The only indulgences will be old indulgences and I have to fit them into my five meal a day pattern.

From Sunday onward, it’s back to the nutrition plan.  I also intend to run and exercise regularly while I’m away.  My next weigh-in won’t be until September 7th, so I’ll have ten days to recover from my 36 hr indulgence period.  I’m also going to cut out beer, even light beer, this time.  Stick with the gin and sodas and scotch.

I’m going to relax, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not going to take a complete vacation from my nutrition plan and exercise regimen.  I’ve figured out that a vacation from that means more work when I get back to Ottawa.  As I’m getting close to the end of sessions I bought with my trainer, not achieving my goal means either going it alone to the final stretch or buying more sessions.  If I behave over the next week, I can prevent either outcome.

As much as I enjoy the training sessions, it’s time to start spending my money on other things, like replacing the wardrobe that has been utterly decimated in this journey.  Before I left Ottawa, I took four pairs of casual pants I purchased in late April back to Moores for their clothing drive.  They were a 36 waist.  I replaced them with size 32.  I also picked up a couple of shirts that were size 15 1/2.

Once more for the cheap seats:  size 32 pants, size 15 1/2 shirt.  That’s four sizes since I started in January.  The first adult dress shirts I bought in high school were 16.  I haven’t had size 32 pants since I hit puberty.

I committed another crime of opportunity in the wardrobe department.  While having lunch at the Old Garrison District Ale House, I found out local clothier Robert Simmons was having 50% off sale, with the third suit free.  They traffic is some high-end items so the temptation of getting a black label Hugo Boss suit for the price of something of lesser quality that I would buy at Moores was too much to resist.

The suits I bought are, like the Mad Men suit, a size 40.  It’s a little safer to start replacing the suits now.  I’m probably not going to go down another size.  Size 40 fits pretty snug around the shoulders and over my Scottish barrel-chest.  Even if the waist shrinks another inch or two, the chest will be the same.

Getting them back to Ottawa shouldn’t be a problem.  My plan to brink some of my casual fat clothes back to New Brunswick for Dad and my brother-in-law to fight over means there will be plenty of room left  in my luggage for new stuff.  Since I left for the airport from the office, I only packed one suit for my cousin’s wedding and brought the one I wore to work on the plane as a spare.  I have to go directly to the office for a meeting when I get back, so I’ll throw a suit on before I hit the plane.  Long and short of it is there’ll be enough room in the wardrobe bag for the purchases.

One of the great things about being back in Fredericton is running into friends who I haven’t seen in a while.  The reaction on their faces is enough reminder of how important it is to follow through and reach this finish line.



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