Week 31 – Now what do I wear?

This week’s weigh in: 177 lbs

Weight Loss to date:  59 lbs

To Goal:  7 lbs


Once again, thanks for all the support over the last week .  I have had a lot of great responses since taking this journal public and have also discovered similar bloggers who are sharing their own stories of weight loss.  When I get a rainy day (summer is too short in Canada to spend a sunny day behind the laptop), I’ll add them to the blogroll so you can find them too.

While it’s just a pound this week, it’s a net of one pound.  I actually dropped four.  My misbehaviour on the weekend caused me to gain three pounds by the time I weighed in on Monday.  I had some drinks with the run clinic I just finished being a group leader for at a pub that did not have a very nutrition plan friendly menu.  Dropped two of the weekend sin pounds by Wednesday and two more between Wednesday and Friday. 

If you read my special post from Saturday, you know the charity pile is now in the hands of Moores for their suit drive and whatever charity owns the box on Isabella St.  I’m sure whoever eventually gets my clothes will put them to good use.  As I’ve written before, I owe so many friends and family a debt of gratitude that can never be repayed in full I think the best course of action is to pay it forward and let my success help someone else.  

There’s another angle as well.  I gave them away as partial punishment for my spendthrift ways.  For new readers who haven’t combed through the old entries yet, I normally spend money on three things:  food, gadgets, and clothes.  Of the three, the latter is the item I’ve been the most foolish with.  I actually had two dozen suits in that pile. 

I’m going to repeat that for the purpose of  emphasis:

I actually had two dozen – twenty-four – suits in that pile.

Barney Stinson has nothing on me.  I couldn’t believe that myself when we counted them at the store.  The reason for the accumulation is a lot simpler than one might think.  Before my weight loss, the only time I get rid of clothes is when they wear out. I may occassionaly give some stuff I really don’t need (like my big winter sweaters when I lived in DC) to charity to clear out closet space, but normally if it’s wearable it stays.  Having spent a few of the last five years in grad school, where the number of times I wore a suit could probably counted on one hand, there hasn’t been a lot of wear and tear.  My summer weight suits and separates also don’t get used much as there are few events once Parliament rises that would require me to wear one.

In many ways, my suit buying reflected my other appetite.  I don’t think I needed a single suit I bought in the last six months.   A couple wore out towards the end of the sitting spring 2010, but I certainly didn’t need to replace it with six suits.  It’s really no different than some of the stupid food choices I made in the past, where I would order a pizza when I could make a smaller, healthier one in half the time at a fraction of the cost.  I justified the suits with plenty of excuses: they were 2 for 1, I wear suits every day it’s like they won’t get used.  Not much different from the pizza order justification:  gotta eat tomorrow, I’ll use the leftover for lunch; it includes wings and pop for under $20, I can’t make that for that amount.  You get the picture.

The real stupid thing, though, was buying the three-pieces in December.  I had dropped enough weight to be down a suit size.  I didn’t know then I would hire a trainer and lose even more weight, but I should have at least held off on buying new clothes until after Christmas.  That was just plain stupid.  I looked damn good in those three-pieces, but it was still a stupid purchase.

New rule:  no clothing purchases over $100 without a friend present.  I trust sales people to make me look good, but, in the end, they’re on commission.  If they can’t convince me to part with my income, they don’t get theirs.  I need a second opinion to make sure there’s someone looking out for my interest, not theirs.

My closet now stands rather empty.  I have three suits I didn’t give away.  All were purchased in the month of May this year.  One is a Zara suit that I bought a couple of weeks after the first two (and a size smaller) and the other two are my Calvin Kleins I bought at Macy’s on my way out of DC after commencement.  Casual shirts outnumber dress shirts at ratio not seen since a mere 300 Spartans held off the Persian army of Xerxes the God King.

Need to make these last for another month or so.  I have a family wedding to go to in three weeks. I hope they still fit.

Starting a new charity pile, too.  This will actually be the charity suitcase.  This is mostly casual stuff and sweaters that are now too big and didn’t fit what Moore’s wanted.  I’m going to bring back to Fredericton on my way to that wedding in Cape Breton and let Dad and my brother-in-law fight over them.  The irony is these clothes are mostly Christmas/birthday/found a deal at Kohl’s in Florida presents from my parents and other family members. 

It’s almost like re-gifting, but without any guilt on my part.  They know they’re getting them for a good reason.  Maybe now they’ll start giving me non-gift card gifts again.  We decided after the disaster of two Christmas’ ago that presents would be mostly gift cards or consumables (booze).  Since I have to travel to get home and you never know what luggage restriction Air Canada is going to place on you until you check in, it’s pretty difficult to give me “stuff” to take home.  If I still owned a car and I was willing to do the drive from Ottawa to Fredericton in late December, it would be one story.  Since neither “if”s apply (the reason behind the latter I will save for my career as a paid humourist), the presents have to stay small.   

Disaster may be too strong a word to describe that Christmas.  My parents gave me some money to put toward some of my debt and a Moores gift card, but the two “items” they gave me – a couple of sweaters – were too big.  One item could be returned, but the other was bought in the US and would cost more to return than it was worth.  I left to return to Ottawa with the monetary gifts that year.

It was an honest mistake.  They felt miserable for it.  I felt like a shit for not liking either of their gifts, but there was no point in faking it.  They looked nice until I actually put them on.  I would have never worn them. 

The other side is, if my own parents are thinking I’m XXXL, maybe I should have taken that as a sign that I was too big and started this journey a year earlier.

In other news, my new run clinic is going well.  Since it’s a small group, I feel a little more comfortable with it being my first clinic as an instructor.  Actually have a metric assload of running this weekend.  Clinic night tonight.  The topic is running gear and the store manager covers it followed by the run.  Practice run Sunday morning. 

My next 5K race is then the same Sunday afternoon, the Fesenius Alive to Strive.  It’s at the Terry Fox athletic facility on Riverside Dr. here in Ottawa.  Hoping to get close to the 30 minute mark with this one.  Start time is at 2 pm.  I’ll probably be there around 1.  Anyone who wants to come to cheer me on is more than welcome.



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