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My name is Michael Read and this is the Road to 170.  It’s a journal I started about my weight loss on Facebook back in January 2011 when I decided that this was the year I wouldn’t be fat anymore.  I decided to write about losing weight because for a few reasons.  Firstly, I wanted to assure friends and family that I was healthy.  In this day and age of social media, it’s inevitable that photos of shrinking me would make it to some site that someone who knows me would see.  With a few hereditary ailments in the gene pool of which weight loss is a symptom, the natural reaction of some who know me would be of concern for my well being.

I also wanted to make myself more accountable.  I thought by writing about it, I would invest my friends in my success.  They would encourage me to press forward.  My own fear of disappointing my loved ones would motivate me to press forward.

So far it’s worked.  Since my first workout, I’ve gone from 236 lbs to 181 lbs.  As the title suggests, my goal weight is 170 lbs.  I’m so close.

There was an unintended consequence of my journal, though.  While I got a lot of “likes”, words of encouragement, and great advice from friends far fitter than I, friends also told me my entries inspired them to lose weight, themselves.  Others reposted my journal on their own profiles.

While I work for politicians, being told that I, myself, am somehow inspirational is a little weird for me.  It wasn’t something I intended.  The only person I intended to inspire was myself.

(NB – since I mentioned the “p” word, don’t worry. This isn’t a political blog.  As a freelance policy consultant who is currently on contract to a parliamentarian, I see having a political opinion blog as akin to GM giving away its cars for free. It’s not going happen.)

At the encouragement of friends, I’m taking the journey public through the this blog. Despite a career in the back rooms of Canadian politics, I’m by nature a private person. I’ve been convinced, however, that if I tell this story to a larger audience, I may inspire more to follow suit.

I’m not a pitchman.  I’ll mention my trainer, JM, and the company he works for, Free Form Fitness, on occasion, but this isn’t intended to be an advertisement (nor am I compensated for this blog in anyway).   Nor am I being compensated for any mention of them here. You would have to be in Ottawa to take advantage of their services, anyway.  Remember, it’s all about me.  While their plan worked for me, it may not work for you.  Seek your own advice before beginning a program.

Over the next week or so, I’ll be putting up my old Facebook posts to get this blog up to to the present day.  As I mentioned, I’m pretty close to my goal weight, but in life no conclusion is foregone.  I still have miles to go before I sleep.  Literally.

I’m looking forward to sharing this story with you.  I certainly wouldn’t be here without the love and support of my family and friends.  If this blog inspires you to improve yourself, don’t thank me.  Thank them.

Allons-y! (Did I mention I’m a nerd?)


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