Week 6 – The Unlikely Ally and an Ex Comes to Ottawa

February 17, 2011

This week’s weigh in:  221lbs  

Weight loss to date:  15lbs 

To goal:  51 lbs

I continue to appreciate the wonderful comments and encouragement you send my way.  I know it’s starting to sound cliche, but I doubt I could do this without your support. Fifteen pounds lighter and even my newest suits are feeling big on me.  I think this weekend I’ll have another round of fashion triage.

Of all places, Costco has become my unlikely ally in this battle against the bulge.  While to many its bulk quantities are a symbol of excess, those same large quantities can be a dieter’s best friend.  My meal plan consists of a lot meat, veggies, and protein shakes with frozen berries.  Since I find eggs to be utterly disgusting, my daily breakfast is a protein shake of whey protein and frozen berries.  Costco sells a 5lb jug of the former for $30.  My gym sells a 2lb jug for … a lot more.  Even the frozen berries are $3 cheaper than Loblaws.  If I actually liked eggs, they’re cheaper, too, and sold in larger quantities.

Another place I’m frequenting more often is the organic food store in the market.  Yes, the arch-tory is shopping at an organic food store.  I feel as out of place as you think I might be.  Swinging by after work, I’m GQ in a High Times world.  Don Draper in a Kevin Smith film (no one ever accused me of low self-esteem).  The reason I go there is simple:  they sell the most delicious smoked almonds ever.  How good are these nuts?  Insert sexual innuendo here.

There was a familiar face there this weekend.  An ex-lover I thought I left behind in New Brunswick.  Her name is Bridge … Covered Bridge.  The organic market has begun to sell Covered Bridge Potato Chips.  Suddenly, I’m Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.  Of all the organic food stores in all of Ottawa, why did she have walk into mine? Knowing I was going to go on this fitness jag in the new year, I indulged in Covered Bridge while I was home for the holidays … nightly.

The greatest thing about Covered Bridge’s chips is their BBQ flavour.  It’s the only one I’ve ever found that is MSG free.  They’ve only been in business a couple of years and I’ve got to know them on my summers back in Freddy while on summer break from CUA.  Like Rick and Elsa, it was a brief affair, but a passionate one.  When I went back to Washington or Ottawa, I figured she moved on to another, reuniting with her Victor Lazlo.  We’d always have Fredericton.

There she was Saturday, in all her sea salt and vinegar glory.  If the market had a piano player, she’d ask it to play “As Time Goes By”.  Like Rick who puts his self-interest aside for the greater good, I let her go; leaving instead with my veritable Louis and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



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