Week 5 – In for a penny, in for a 5K

February 10, 2011

Latest Weigh-in: 224 lbs  

Weight lost to date: 12 lbs    

To Goal: 54 lbs

I begin, as I always should, by thanking you for your support.  Knowing there are so many people supporting me helps me through the hard parts.

And there are hard parts.

With eating five times a day, I visit the grocery store quite often.  Each trip brings with it temptation, like a sex addict visiting a bordello.  When I first stocked up for the meal plan, the chorus of Wyclef Jean’s Gone ‘Til November came to mind as I passed by the bacon.  I wasn’t actually eating that much junk food before I started this regimen, so I don’t miss it very much. I do miss bacon, though.  Bacon was pretty much a staple for breakfast on the weekends.

What I don’t miss, however, is my apartment smelling like a greasy spoon diner on the weekends.

One thing I miss is my ability to stay up all hours of the night.  My seemingly chronic insomnia was a blessing as a graduate student.  Those of you who remember my frequent updates during my dissertation writing spree this time last year will likely remember they would come around the time you were getting up in the morning.  I was just going to bed.  Now it’s a struggle to stay up until 11.  When I do stay up late, no alarm will wake me before dawn.  I don’t even need a drink to get to sleep anymore.

One thing I don’t miss is dragging my arse out of bed at the last possible moment to try to get to work on time.  I’m still frequently late, but lollygagging at the gym is a far better excuse than my old one – none.

Ever present is my food scale.  Some meals require 3 oz. of meat, others 7.  It actually came as a bit of shock how large a portion 7 oz. is.  A 7 oz portion of beef is just a little smaller than two McRotten’s hamburgers.  There are certain vegetables that are off the menu for the time being, namely the ones I like.  Potatoes, for obvious reasons, but some others for less obvious ones.  Corn, carrots and beans for their high sugar count.

I guess I’ll need a new recipe for chili.

I am still resisting the numerous daily temptations that working in the Speaker’s office presents.  Tuesday was a lunch for the Saint John Port Authority.  I had successfully abstained from the potatoes on the entree when dessert arrived – key lime tart.  It might as well have been pure sugar.  Had I not been chatting with a Senator sitting next to me, I would have waived it off entirely.  Suddenly there it was.  There it sat for about twenty minutes until the lunch concluded and it was taken away, destination who cares.

Last night, I was not so good.  There was a reception at the Hard Rock Cafe celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Harper government.  I know for many on my friends list, this anniversary is a cause to cry in your drinks.  I still remember watching the election results come in at the embassy-sponsored party in DC’s Elephant and Castle.  In a bar filled with 500 people, there were 8 of us cheering for the Tories.  Last night, I did slightly indulge in some hors d’oerves.

A slight indulgence is still an indulgence and I paid for it on today’s weigh in.  On Monday, I weighed in with a drop of 2.5 lbs.  By today, my misdemeanor sins had accumulated to reduce that drop to 1.5 lbs.

As for the title, I have added a secondary challenge.  I am entering the 5k run during Ottawa’s race weekend in May.  It is a challenge laid down by one of my closest friends, Christian Maillet.  It was a challenge he issued over beers at the Highlander.  Most people get drunk and get a tattoo or join the armed forces.  I enter a 5K race.

The goal at this point is modest: to not be the last to complete the run.  I’ll set a more serious goal once I have a better idea what my abilities are.

So I’ve joined the cult of the runner.  If you think Scientology hoses its members, try the Running Room.  Made my first trip there to buy a new pair of shoes and they had more devotees there for an evening clinic than the cathedral on Sunday. It’s the first time I’ve specifically bought running shoes.  I was surprised how light they are.  They feel like slippers. Very expensive slippers.  I’m breaking them in on the treadmill for a couple of weeks before I start training in earnest.  So far, so good.

One month in and 12 lbs shed.  Pretty good overall.  Will probably have to have some more suits taken in.  Nice problem to have.



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