Week 4 – A Rubicon Crossed

February 3, 2011

Today’s weigh-in: 225.5 lbs  

Loss to date:  10.5 lbs

To Goal: 55.5 lbs

Today I crossed an important threshold.  I’m now down more than ten pounds since I started on this journey.

As always, I thank you for your support.  These little victories are as much yours as mine.  The setbacks will be all mine, though.

In some ways, the last seven days have been as important as the first seven.  The Speaker has returned from his delegation to the Middle East.  With his return, the pace of activity at the office has increased exponentially.  During a parliamentary break, the pace can get rather slow. We use the downtime to get ahead on our long-term projects. I have enough of those, even a month without parliament sitting isn’t enough.  The slowed pace coupled with the heating problems we had in the parliamentary precinct the last few weeks, it’s a wonder we didn’t slip into a state of suspended animation.  The January break is so long that, like summers in Canada, you get fooled into thinking that it could last forever.

Ottawa can be such a dull town when the politicians aren’t around, small stories can become big scandals in the absence of anything really meaningful and important to talk about (long-form census anyone?).  All that changes once they return.  On a typical day, the Speaker may have half a dozen meetings before going into the Senate chamber to preside over the day’s sitting.  After the sitting, he may have to waive the flag at a reception or two.  As we get into the spring and closer to the summer, sitting until midnight is not uncommon.

It’s this week that I would find out if the new habits I developed during the break would survive the sitting schedule.  I consciously decided to do my workouts in the morning because I the only thing I can control about my day at the office is my arrival.  It helps that on my in-between training session days when I work out at my building there is no almost no one in the exercise room or the swimming pool that early and I have my pick of equipment.

Before you ask, I’m still not a morning person.  Same grouchy bastard before I get my morning cup of coffee, but now I get it earlier so my inner Hyde gets satisfied that much sooner.

As the results at the beginning of this entry suggested, I can happily report that those habits have been bent, but not broken.  I’ve gotten creative with the meal plan to make it more conducive to work.  The biggest challenge is the events we actually host.  I’ve actually used the meal plan restrictions as my excuse not to go to events we don’t host and go home at a reasonable hour.  We’ll see how long I can get away with that.  It’s the events we host that I can’t get out of.  So far, we’ve hosted two.  The first was a lunch of soup and sandwiches.  I sent back the bread.  The second was a reception for our new Senators.  I spent most of it at my desk working on some post-delegation assignments, but snuck in towards the end.  I had one smoked salmon canape, again discarding the bread, and a couple spoonfuls of the seafood salad (my favourite).

The reception was telling.  It was the first time many people had seen me since before Christmas.  Almost everyone noticed my weight loss. Ten pounds in three weeks is my Rubicon crossed.  I’ve shown myself I will be able to do this.  Onward to Rome.



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