Week 26 – No Ordinary Loser

July 8, 2011

This week’s weigh-in: 183 lbs

Weight loss to date:  53 lbs

To Goal:  13 lbs

Another great week.  Inching ever closer to my goal.

Yes, I intended that pun.  My family on Facebook will tell you I come by the odd sense of humour naturally.  It seems to run on the Read side of the family.

Thanks for all the comments and advice over the past week.  I am constantly reminded that I have the greatest friends.  I have no idea what I did to deserve you, but  I hope to remain worthy of your friendship.

This week was another milestone.  I am now the biggest loser at Free Form Fitness’ Dalhousie St. location.

The reward for this achievement:  more exercise.  I used to subscribe to this daily e-mail joke list.  At least once a week the joke would be Top 10 things that Suck about …  Work, Academia, etc. Whatever the subject, they seemed to include some of the same ones over and over again.  The perennial thing that sucked about everything is pertinent:  success brings more work, not less.  When your day begins with lunges with a 30lbs dumbbell in each hand and finishes with a run, that becomes gospel not humour. (BTW, if you’re wondering who were the lazy writers that recycled jokes like pop cans, the list was a product of Salter St. Productions, the makers of This Hour has 22 Minutes.  Just sayin’)

Really, how does one celebrate losing weight?  When I moved into second place, the fellow I had just surpassed was arriving for his session and when our trainer told him of my accomplishment he said, “let’s go for beer and poutine.  I’ll buy and you’ll eat.”

Needless to say, I passed on his offer.

I am, however, easing into the final stages of the nutrition plan.  We’ll be alternating between my current one and the final stage one by using the final stage every three days to start.  There’s a lot of changes.  Back are oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potatoes.  Portions are a little larger, too.  Twelve shrimp with salad is now 20.  Two stuffed pepers is now three.

The 5K clinic is going great.  I’ll be skipping the next two sessions due to …. travel.  This past Wednesday I squeezed a ten minute interval in before I got to the store.  The clinic itself was to two sets of ten and 1 with a five minute third interval.  Since we were tackling hills for the first time, I gave my group a longer break at the end of the second ten minutes to allow the rest of the group to catch up. I then added a minute to the runtime of that third interval.  A total distance for anyone who didn’t see Wednesday’s post of 6.4K  The average pace timing from the Nike+ chip is a little off due to the extended break, but when I tracked the run on the website my pace is getting closer to the 6 min/k mark.

I’m registered for the Fresenius Alive to Strive race August 14th.  I’m treating it as my warm-up for the Army Run in September.  I would like to be around 30 minutes for Fresenius and under it for the Army Run.  I think they’re reasonable goals.  Since the Fresenius uses a different route than the Ottawa and it’s mostly a flat route along Colonel By Dr., I’m not sure if my run in August will be a predictor of success in September.

Who would have thought I would be worrying about the effects of run routes on performance this time last year?

I know one person who wouldn’t have thought it.




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