Week 24 – On the precipice

June 24, 2011

This week’s weigh-in:  187 lbs

Weight loss to date:  49 lbs

To Goal:  17 lbs

Thank you for your continued support.

My loss this week was just a pound.  A tad frustrating, but any week where I weigh less at the end than the beginning is a week I check in the win column.

Considering the week, it’s probably a miracle I eked out a win.  It’s the silly season on Parliament Hill.  The politicians are trying to get certain bills through before they rise for the summer.  It means a lot of late nights. Thankfully, Ribfest is on at Sparks St., so a good meal is only a block from the Hill.  Yes, ribs are not the most diet compliant meal I could have.  The alternative, the Centre Block cafeteria, is way worse.  The Ribfest vendors also sell chicken.  I figure a half rack of ribs or quarter chicken with coleslaw is better than anything available on the 5th floor.

We’ve passed all that we’ve received from the House of Commons, but there’s on bill we’re waiting for – the bill to send postal workers back to work.  Once the House passes it, the Senate will be recalled to pass it before it is given Royal Assent.  All this is to say that this weekend feels a lot like high school.  Remember how in an age before everyone was issued a smartphone at birth you waited by the phone for that special girl or guy to call you?  That’s pretty much my weekend, except I’m waiting for an e-mail on blackberry to find out if I have to go to work tomorrow.  At least I can take my phone with me, but every buzz may mean I have to drop everything and head to the Hill.  It makes it hard to plan anything, particularly exercise and meals.

Luckily, all this is happening towards the end of the journey and not at the beginning. What I have learned throughout this journey is coming in handy in figuring out how to roll with the punches.

Hopefully, we’ll get through this by Sunday.  I’ll shed a pound or two and next week we’ll celebrate crossing that 50 lbs mark.



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