Week 23 – What was that I wrote last week about goalposts?

June 17, 2011

This week’s weigh-in: 188 lbs 

Weight loss to date:  48 lbs

To Goal:  18 lbs

Holy crap what a week!!  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

Anyone who read my status update on Monday was probably as surprised as I was to see that I had dropped five pounds between last Thursday’s weigh-in and Monday’s accountability session.  With the CPC convention in town, I had crashed a few hospitality suites and indulged in some drinking.  Kept the snacking to a minimum, but probably drank as much on Friday night as I had probably drank in the previous month.  I also drank white wine which is far less bad for me than beer.

I paid for my sins on Saturday when I went running with my personal trainer in 30+ degree heat.  It was little cooler on Sunday morning for my Running Room run and we did a nice route around Parliament Hill. My group was pretty divided between people whose average pace is around my own and those far slower.  Unfortunately, neither group had a watch to time the intervals, so I found myself running in circles bewteen them so I could be in whistle/shouting range.  No worries, extra distance for me.

Had a few beers on Wednesday at the Speaker’s BBQ.  I had secured a sizeable donation from Moosehead, 16 flats of product, for the event so it would be bad form to not have one, or two, or three. I wasn’t totally bad.   I did pass on the buns for my burger and hotdog, the potato salad in favour coleslaw, and the potato chips.

I posted the photo above from the event from the event on Facebook. You should know that the blue dress shirt I was wearing with my suit has seen its last public performance as part of my wardrobe.  Beginning last weekend, I started the second charity bag.  Like my government’s plan to find efficiencies in government, it will start with attrition.  Anything I wear more than one size too big will go to the charity bag instead of the laundry bag.  Some of the casual shirts I own are as big XXXL.  Depending on the size and style now, I could be a large or … wait for it … medium.  It just doesn’t make sense to a) pay to launder this stuff after I get another wear out of it or b) have it take up space in my closet.

Since it’s Father’s Day this weekend, there are men’s clothing sales everywhere.  I’m starting to think the only person happier at my weight loss than me is the CEO of Visa.  My folks are pretty proud of me, by my credit card company thinks I’m the gift that keeps on giving.  Oh well, such is life.



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