Week 20 – the Race is On

May 27, 2011

This Week’s Weigh in:  192 lbs

Weight loss to date:  44 lbs

To goal: 22 lbs

Another great week.  Thanks for your continued support.

Tomorrow I’m running my first 5K as part of Ottawa Race Weekend.  It’s hard to believe that it’s finally here.  My decision to add the 5K to weight loss training was at the suggestion of my friend Christian.  He and his wife, Ramona, have being running for years.  One night back in January over drinks at the Highlander, he suggested I join them for this year’s race.

Some people get drunk and join the army or get a tattoo, I enter a 5K race.

I’m glad I did.  Running has been the icing on the cake of my weight loss.  It has given me something to strive for beyond just the pounds shed.  It has been surprisingly addictive. I trained with a Running Room clinic, so it added a social aspect to my journey that isn’t there with personal training.  I can also bring my friends to their run clubs.  Since I was running quite far ahead of my clinic members, it was great to have someone to keep pace with me on those Sunday morning runs.

Most of my training runs have been in utterly miserable weather, the downside of training in the spring.  We took it all in stride (pun intended). I wrote previously that the race is going to happen in whatever weather God throws at me so I would train in whatever weather God throws at me.  I did.  Rain. Some snow.  More rain.  It’s only been in the last few weeks that there’s been any sunshine, heat and humidity to train in.  I know from the experience of going to the race in previous years to cheer on Christian and Ramona that hot and humid is the typical weather on race day.

Blood, sweat and tears?  If you’ve been reading previous entries, you already know there’s been a little of the first and a lot of the second.  So far, none of the third.

How much am I enjoying running?  I haven’t even run this 5K yet, and I’m looking forward to my next one, the Army Run 5K in September.

As I get closer to my goal, I can see the goal posts coming into view.  Feels great.  With the reception circuit about to heat up again, I’m going to to have to steel my resolve against temptation … again.  I pretty much quit doing the ones the Speaker doesn’t host prior to the election, but with Parliament resuming, we’re hosting a number of functions in the coming weeks.  Thankfully, I have a little influence on our food choices for our events so I know there will always be some veggies and lean meats.

On the work front, with Parliament about to resume, the tempo is picking up again.  MPs and Senators have been trickling back to work.  A lot of friends who haven’t seen me since the campaign began hardly recognize me now.  More than one simply didn’t recognize me at all.  One of the funnier ones was when someone noticed “something different” about me and wondered if I had given up wearing glasses.  I joked, “Yeah, about four years before we first met.”  I even had the opportunity to meet the Governor General this week.  When I re-introduced myself, he said “You’re quite a bit smaller than I remember.”

It’s fitting I look like a new man.  I feel like one.



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