Week 18 – Returning to the scene of the crime

May 12, 2011

This Week’s Weigh-in:  195 lbs

Loss to date: 41 lbs

To Goal:  25 lbs

Another milestone reached and exceded.   I wanted to get below 200 in time for my trip to DC for CUA’s commencement (in Canada we call this “convocation” or simply “graduation”) and I have exceeded that goal.  I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help and encouragement, so feel free to pat yourself on the back.

I had a particular reason for wanting to get below 200 and it relates to a recurring theme in this journal:  clothing size.  When I ordered my gown (university commencement is probably the only time I’ll ever order a gown for myself) I first had to select my height, 5’8″, but there were only two choices for the “other dimension”, under 200 lbs or over 200lbs.  Having just begun the weight loss when I was placing my order, I did some math and figured out getting to the under 200 size was a realistic goal.  Since this will, hopefully for the sake of my finances, be my last commencement ceremony as a student, I want to look my best.

When I was last on campus for my dissertation defence, I was probably at my worst.  Since I dropped a suit size between late September and Decemeber last year, I figure I was 10-15 lbs heavier when I was being sweated by my committee.  Not that the experience was intellectual equivalent of waterboarding, it was 30 degrees in DC that day in a room without air conditioning and I wore a full suit.  In a very strange way, I’m kind of glad I neglected to take any post-defense photos of myself or with my committee.  In fact, most of my pictures from that trip are from my pre-defence trip to JR Cigars.  While I will treasure those moments, I’m glad they won’t be sullied with a permanent reminder (as permanent as anything digital can be) of how my external image did not resemeble my internal image.

This weekend will be different.  Bringing both my good camera and my iPod Touch so I can always have something on me.  I’ll have to give dad a quick tutorial on my panasonic, but he’s a quick study on technology.  Ok, he isn’t, but once he sees my camera is pretty much the same as the old SLR he used in his claims adjustor days, we should be good.  I have the new Zara suits packed and I even picked up some new slim-fitting shirts at Moores.  They’re size 16, three sizes smaller than when I started this.

There well be a lot of temptation from ex-lovers while I’m back in DC.  Despite it’s reputation for stuffiness, I had some pretty passionate affairs in that city.  I know Five Guys Burgers miss me so much they came to Canada.  Like most Americans, they thought Toronto was the capital and went to the wrong city.  I can just bet that Urban BBQ and Chinatown Express are bringing in extra supplies knowing I’m coming.  I figure a large chunk of the weight I put on was during my year back in DC in 2008-2009.  Researching my dissertation involved a lot of sitting and reading.  There were many days I wouldn’t leave the house.  When I did take a break, I would go for a walk to Barnes & Noble or into the city to JRs.

Believe it or not, the cigar store was actually the healthy option.  The worst food I would eat if I went downtown was probably the bowl of chicken soup with udon noodles or the fried noodles with seafood and some dumplings at Chinatown Express.  Even the monthly happy hours with the Canadian expats were at good places with relatively healthy menus.  The walk to B&N along Chapman St., however, had so many temptations it was a veritable red light district.  My food brothel of choice was Urban BBQ and my prostitute was the soul roll.  For those unacustomed to the siren call of the soul roll, I’ll let the photos on this blog do the talking.

Will I cave into temptation and have one last passionate fling?  Will I be re-celebrating getting below 200 lbs next week?

Stay tuned.



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