Week 16 – What I learned this week (Reader discretion advised)

April 29, 2011

This week’s weigh-in: 201 lbs

Weight loss to date: 35 lbs

To goal:  31 lbs.

Another great week.  Thanks for your tremendous support these last few months as I continue on this journey.  It’s great to see the “loss to date” line greater than the “to goal” line.

Would have liked to have been under 200 by the end of the week, but an unusually strenuous Wednesday probably lead to some water retention and a plateau from Wednesday’s weigh-in.  It started with my usual training session.  We worked the legs pretty hard.  Had my 5K training run in the evening.  When I got home, the fire alarms were on at my building, knocking out the elevators.  The emergency had actually passed, but a new security guard was having trouble resetting the circuit.  My last meal being a whey and berry shake around 4 pm and it now being 8:30, the only thing I could think about was eating my salad for supper.  Since I neglected to grab some utensils at Freshii, just grabbing a corner and enjoying was not an option.  So I walked up to my unit …  on the 19th floor.  Needless to say, my legs were screaming in the morning.

This week I learned why women wear sports bras.  Who would have thought this journey would make me more sensitive to the needs of my female friends.  Like most fat men, I (still) have man boobs, moobs, or, as they were affectionately called in the (highly overrated) film Fight Club, “bitch tits”.  When I run, they bounce.  I wore a loose fitting shirt running on Saturday under a loose fitting rain coat and the result was nipple chafing.  Not all of these moisture wicking shirts are created equal, either.  Saturday’s shirt was a XXXL Columbia Titanium I’ve owned for a couple of years.  Saturday, it might as well have been fine grade sandpaper.  It certainly made for a few laughs with my Saturday run friends.  A soak in the salt water of my building’s swimming pool healed the wounds, but not without enough sting to make me think I was wading into peroxide.  I decided to cover up with band-aids for my Sunday run.  Got the idea from an episode of The Office, the one where they have a fun run and Andy did this:

Definitely investing in more compression shirts for the runs and will save the loose shirts for my other workouts.

Speaking of which, I learned something else this week. The more average my size gets, the harder it is to find deals. I was looking at shirts at Sports Experts this past Easter weekend and there was a lot in stock if you were a men’s size S, M, or at the other end of the spectrum XXL or bigger.  If you are L or XL, you were s.o.l.   I used to have this trouble with shoes when I lived in Fredericton.  Seemed like the stores would always sell out of my remarkably average size 10.5 before I got around to buying a pair.

Looking forward to the weeks ahead.  By Monday, I’ll hopefully be below 200.  Looking forward to my visit to DC for CUA’s commencement.  Get to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while. This is will be the smallest they’ve ever seen me.  When I started there, I weighed less but I was physically bigger.

The reunion with Five Guys Burgers is on hold, though. Permanent hold.



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