Week 13 – This week 30, Next week halfway point

April 8, 2011

today’s weigh in –  206 lbs

Weight loss to date – 30 lbs

To goal – 33 lbs

Thanks for all the great comments and support from the previous entries.  For now, success has been a constant motivation, in and of itself, but as this journey continues slowdowns and setbacks will be inevietable.  Your support will be as essential to get me through the rough patches as it was to get me through the smooth ones.

As the title suggested, I reached another milestone this week.  A couple, actually.  The 30 lbs mark is the most obvious one, but there were a couple of others.

Those who saw Thursday morning’s status update know that the first batch of suits that I had Moore’s take the waists in are now too big for me.  It was a rather comical scene.  With the election on, the office dress code is business casual, but we were holding one of the few events we couldn’t cancel and I wanted  to wear a suit just in case I had to go in.  I buttoned my suspenders to my pants and pulled them on.

Unlike most people, I pull them up both legs at a time.  Deal with it.

As I’m tying my tie, I look down to see the waist of the pants hanging out … by a couple of inches.  Grabbed the next one in the closest.  Same.  Next one. Same. Finally one of my more recently altered suits fit.  Still big enough on me that I looked like a clown, but at least a well dressed clown.

I’m not going to bother seeing if they can be taken in any further.  Since I’m not having the jackets altered with the pants to save money, I’m just going to look goofier as I get smaller.  Even my dress shirts are big on me.  Regardless of the election results, Parliament will probably not sit again until June, at the earliest.  I already have some cheap suits on order so I should be able to get by until the fall before I start rebuilding my wardrobe.  Having these suits further altered seems rather pointless.  Into the charity bag, they go.

The other milestone is I ordered some new swimsuits.  The one I wear now is in good condition, but it’s getting too big.  By too big, I mean I’m having trouble keeping it around my waist while I’m actually swimming.  I swim after I do my cardio on the in-between days when I ‘m not with my personal trainer, about five times a week, so I beat the suits quite badly.  Sears had some on sale, so I figured it would be best to order more than one.  I now have two pairs of Speedos on the way.

No, not those kind of Speedos.  I’m in no danger of parading down a beach in a pair of walnut smugglers like a Quebecois retiree.  One pair is basically same boxer-style trunks I have now, except a size smaller. The other is a different style, skin tight with a shorter inseam.  Let’s call that pair … aspirational.

The training for the 5k continues at pace.  Doing 2  minute run, 1 minute walk sets.  Settling into a nice running pace.  Like most runners, I’m starting to hate the treadmill.  It feels weird now like I’m being propelled instead of doing the propelling.

Having my personal training session at 6:30 am and doing the Running Room program at 6:30 pm makes for one long ass day.  Having learned its a bad idea to eat before the run, I’ve modulated my feeding schedule on Wednesday so I won’t go into starvation mode by extending the time between meals.  Even with that adjustment, I need to grab a bite to eat almost immediately afterward or it might be 9 o’clock by the time I get home to cook something for myself.  Thankfully, there’s a nearby Subway where I can grab a salad with a double meat portion.

Like a lot of runners, I’m using my iPod when I run alone.  I’ve learned the hard way that my diverse music choices don’t necessarily make for great exercise music when I just put the pod on shuffle.  The programmers at Apple have also yet to take my suggestion of adding a time of year element to whatever program algorithim runs the shuffle function.  I love Christmas music … at Christmas time.  April, not so much.  (BTW, if you have the chance to catch the Brian Setzer Orchestra’s Holiday Show, do it.)  I’ve done up a couple of playlists for a 30 minute run with a 5 minute cool-down:

Run 1:

  1. Agent Tex by Jeff Williams (from Episode Ten of the previous season of Red vs. Blue)
  2. Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J
  3. Mothership by Kid Beyond
  4. Cochise by Audioslave
  5. Lust for Life by Iggy Pop
  6. Suicidewinder by Ridley Bent
  7. Run this Town by Jay-Z

Cool down:

You are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne

Run 2:

  1. On to the Next One by Jay-Z
  2. Howlin’ for You by the Black Keys
  3. Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant
  4. Flathead by the Fratellis
  5. Faint by Linkin Park
  6. Run On by Moby
  7. Deny by Default
  8. Run (I’m a Natural Disaster) by Gnarls Barkley
  9. Sydney Steel by John Campbelljohn
  10. Ten Million Slaves by Otis Taylor
  11. Passion of the Night by the Brian Setzer Orchestra

Cool down:

Amazing Grace by the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Mostly up tempo rock and hip hop with some blues mixed in.  There’s probably a few head scratchers there.  Agent Tex is four minute version of the score from this episode of Red vs. Blue with some of the one-liners mixed in.  “What’s so hard to understand about swish, swish, death?”

I saw Ray LaMontagne at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival probably a decade ago when he was a nobody from Maine and have recently been reintroduced to his music by a friend.  This song is my current favourite of his.

Ten Million Slaves by Otis Taylor.  Banjo based blues music? If you saw Public Enemies with Johnny Depp or at least the commercials you know this song.  Saw Taylor perform this live at Ottawa’s Bluesfest in 2008.  Great song from an amazing album, Recapturing the Banjo.

Amazing Grace by the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  One of my favourite songs by a mass bagpipe band and military choir.  Can you think of a better way to end a run? No, didn’t think so.

Next week I should reach another milestone, the halfway mark.  The next half will be, in all likelihood, harder than the first half, but with your support I know success is assured.



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