Week 12 – My Campaign

April 1, 2011

This Week: 209

Weight Loss to date: 27 lbs

Weight Loss to goal: 39 lbs

First, it’s time to take stock of my achievements so far.  Since I promised in the first note not to post any full body before shots, I’m going to use my work ID photos.  Being a contract employee, my security pass expires with my contract at the end of every fiscal year.  I don’t always get a new photo, but decided this year it might be a good idea.

The “before”. This was taken when I came back to the Senate in September 2009

.“In Progress”. March 29, 2011

I call the second one “In Progress” because “After” will be when I reach my goal.  It is far to early to declare mission accomplished in this battle.  When that happens, I’ll probably have to replace every piece of photo ID I have.

Speaking of battles, the last couple of weeks have taught me that my gains are like David Petraeus’ report to Congress on the Iraq Surge: tenuous, fragile, and reversible.  Went out a couple of times this weekend and pretty much drank double what I would normally have in beer.  My trainer calls beer “carb bombs”, to which I replied,”Car bombs? No, I just had a couple of pints of Guinness.”  Think I’m going to have to keep the beer down to my Friday happy hour two or just toss it altogether for the hard stuff.  I actually shed four pounds this week, but the first two were the two that I added between Friday and Monday.  Had I not had such wild swings last week and packed on two this weekend, I might have reached the halfway point this week.  Celebration delayed, but not denied.

As you may have guessed, there’s an election campaign going on here in Canada.  Being a recovering graduate student and a contractor, I’m rather constrained economically as to what I can do in this election.  Simply put, I would have to take an unpaid leave to work in any great capacity on a campaign this time around.  On the one hand, it sucks.  My friends are out there running for re-election, some trying to get in for the first time, and I’m practically a spectator.  Again.  This one is worse because I’m actually back in the country.  On the other hand, campaigns are really bad times to try stick to a fitness regimen.  You eat at odd hours and it’s usually junk.  Good luck finding time to get a workout in.  Candidates usually lose weight during campaigns because of all the door to door canvassing.  The volunteers usually pack it on from the junk stocked in the campaign office.

So my campaign will be the one I began in January.  Some of the lessons I’ve learned in politics both from my mentors and my own experience really does apply.  I’d share these lessons, but since my political experience and advice is pretty much my stock and trade, there’s no way I’m giving that away for free.  Like Rob Blagojevich said of Obama’s vacant Senate seat in Illinois, it’s a valuable thing.   Especially since I’ll need the money to replace the wardrobe when I get close in on my goal.  I’ll save it for my second career as a motivational speaker.

The training for the 5K continues.  This week was 10 sets of 1 minute runs with 1 minute walks.  It was also “buddy night” and I was quite happy to have a couple of friends join me.  Since I have a couple months of cardio in me before I started, I’m running a little faster than most of my group.  I wouldn’t be presumptious enough, though, to think I can train for this on my own.  It’s one thing to be fast 1 minute at a time, it’s another thing to keep that pace for 5 kilometres.

I’m gearing up, too.   Other than shoes and some Under Armour cold gear I bought for paintball years ago, I have no running gear.  I went ahead and bought a running jacket and a water bottle pack.  The water pack is self-explanatory.  I figure the Wednesday runs are late enough and the Sunday runs are early enough, it’ll be be quite cool for a couple of months during running time so the jacket will come in handy.

Here’s the punchline:  the jacket size is large.  Not extra-large.  Large.  Not extra, extra large.  Large.  It’s a little tight, mostly by design, but when I wear it, I look one of the X-men. Cyclops or Wolverine?  If I get around to posting a photo, you can decide.

One last thing on sizes.  I purchased some suits on BeyondtheRack.com.  They were on for $90, regular $300.  I’m going to need something for when I head to DC in May for commencement, but if Parliament comes back in June just to pass estimates and then break for the summer, I won’t be in any urgent need for office wear until the fall.  You may remember a status update where I bemoaned the fact that I didn’t know what size I currently am or what I size I would be by the time something from BTR was delivered in as much 3 weeks.  Since I had to pick up some pants at Moore’s a couple of weeks back, I asked my usual salesperson to measure me.  Two weeks ago, I was a  perfect size 46.  Since every 10 lbs lost s a size lower, I ordered size 44.  Worst case scenario, if they’re too small they can be let out.  I’m now down almost five suit sizes since I peaked at size 52.  An imperfect metric, but going in the right direction.



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