Week 11 – Some Long Ass Days Before the Fall

This week’s weigh-in: 211

Weight loss to date: 35 lbs

To goal:  41 lbs.

Another great week.  Thank you for your continued support. I really needed it.  At one point, this whole week seemed like a write-off.  The weigh-ins were a bit of a roller-coaster.  The fact I’ve dropped another two pounds is rather miraculous.

For reasons I’m still trying to figure out, breakfast didn’t stay down on Monday, so that weigh-in was quite low at 210 lbs.  I wasn’t sick, but maybe I drank that shake down too hard and fast.  Maybe it was stomach’s way of saying, “Remember pancakes and bacon?  I do.  I want pancakes and bacon.”  If that’s the case, sorry Mr. Stomach, if you want bacon again you’re going to have tell your friend Mr. Fat his lease has expired and it’s time to leave.  Once he’s gone, you might get pancakes and bacon.  Might.

Despite a couple of receptions my office hosted, I tried to stick to the meal plan.  I know what I can eat and what portions.  I even kept the drinking to a minimum. Shocking, I know.  Despite my best efforts, Wednesday my weigh-in was 214 lbs.  Not a happy camper.

So I turned up the intensity on the treadmill, swam a little longer, a little more in the sauna.  By this morning, I was back down, but only to 211 lbs.  I’ll take it.  To quote the great modern philosopher Vin Diesel, “Win by an inch.  Win by a mile.  A win is a win.”

Speaking of inches, got the latest pants back from Moore’s.  I’ve now had eight taken in.  While I was there I asked my usual salesperson to measure me to see what size I’m currently at.  The reason is I will probably by a new suit prior to reaching my goals, so I have something that fits properly for my PhD commencement in May.  I had the chance to get a suit for under $200 from Beyond the Rack a couple of weekends ago, but since I didn’t know my size, or what size I might be when the suit arrived, I didn’t.  As of last Friday, I’m a perfect size 46.  A far cry from the size 52s I was buying just six months ago.  They suggested if I buy something online that takes 3-4 weeks to ship, order 44 because it can be let out almost 2 inches if I haven’t hit that mark or taken in about the same if I have.  I don’t pretend to understand how women sizes work, or understand women in general, but for men the difference in sizes is about ten pounds.  That means if I hit my goal and drop another 41 lbs, I will drop another four sizes.  Imagine me at size 38?  I don’t think I’ve had a suit that small.  (BTW, there’s actually a couple of suits that are winter weight that I will probably never wear again, so I’m not going to have them altered.  If you know someone who needs size 52 suit and is about 5’8”, let me know.)

As the title suggests, it’s been a series of long days since the last entry.  Long days with little sleep are not conducive to weight loss. Some of the nights have been due to fun. Chris and Brittany’s stag and doe party was a total gas.  Had a great time and stayed away from the junk food.  My one indulgence, a tortilla chip, resulted in a glob of salsa landing on my vest thus rendering a suit to the dry clean bag.  One for karma.  The downside was my day started around 7 am and ended around 4 am Sunday.

Pretty much every day was a late one in the Senate.  You would think it was the last week we would be sitting for the next couple of months.  Oh, wait.  Nevermind.

How long have the days been?  You know you’re having a long day when a three hour philosophy department faculty meeting is considered a break.

Another break I took was to start my 5K training.  I enrolled in Running Room’s Learn to Run 5K program to train my for the 5K race now at the end of May.  It also helped ramp up the cardio.  It runs on Wednesday at 6:30 pm, just a couple of blocks from the Hill.  The training regimen consists of run-walk sets where the run time gets gradually longer so by the time the training ends, you will be running at 3 sets of 10 minute runs with 1 minute walk breaks.  I have to admit I had a pretty good time.  Nice group of people.  It will be interesting to see if they’re as nice during our next session, which is … ugh … 8:30 am Sunday.  Next week is “bring a buddy” week and a couple of friends are coming with me.

Really looking forward to the next few weeks.  I’m pretty close to being below 200 for the first time in a few years.

There shall be temptations ahead.  If you saw my status update last night, another former lover has walked into my veritable Café Americain.  Five Guys has come to Canada.  For my Canadian friends, Five Guys is a chain founded in Arlington, VA, that simply makes the best fast food burgers and fries ever.  Unlike all the other namby-pamby chains, they cook their fries in peanut oil and they are delicious.  I would go to their Rockville location for lunch on Sunday after Mass.  Their standard burger is a double burger and the “small” fries fill a lunch bag.  Probably the only fast food meal I consistently couldn’t finish.  They’ve been spreading south and north and have made it to Toronto, a mere five hours away.  Like the Persian army heading to Thermopylae, they are coming slowly but surely in my direction.  When they come, another temptation will probably find its way to Rideau St.  Like those there know, your support will help me resist the flirtations of this former flame … -broiled goodness.



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