Week 17 – Under 200!!

May 6, 2011

This week’s weigh-in: 198 lbs

Weight loss to date:  38 lbs

To goal: 28 lbs 

Finally made it under 200 lbs.  Sweet Jesus it felt good to see the scale dip below that magic number.   Thank you for all your support.  I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

I actually dipped below 200 on the weekend.  My boss was coming into the office for a few minutes Sunday morning and since I was going to be nearby for my Running Room run, I figured I would draw the short straw and come in.  Since I didn’t have time to get back to Chapel St. to shower and change and return to the Hill in time, I took a change of clothes with me and swung by the Senate gym to grab a quick shower.  The locker rooms in the gym have proper medical scales. Curiosity got the better of me and I succumbed to temptation to step on the scale.  I set the scale to my previous weigh-in, stepped on the scale, and waited for the arm to move in judgement.

No movement.

(For those that don’t remember how these things work from fourth grade science class, that means I was lighter than the weight I set it to.)

Moved the big slider to 150 and the little one to 49.

No movement.

Moved the little slider to 48.

Arm moves to the center and stays there.  198 lbs.

Since this was just after a run on what seems to be a rare beautiful day here in Ottawa, some of this may have been some excess loss of water weight. My weigh in the following day was up a pound to 199.  Still, it was under 200 and I was over the moon.  Wednesday I was 198.5 and today I am 198.

When I was asked what I would do to celebrate, I said, “nothing”.  As tempted as I am to celebrate, anything to celebrate would probably just add a pound or two and give me another cause to celebrate when I re-achieve this milestone.  I’m also heading to DC next week for CUA’s  commencement ceremony.  While I will try to behave, I may be tempted a lot to celebrate a bit.

That said, I’m certainly not  going to feel guilty about drinking anymore.  I told my trainer I would give it up until I dipped below 200, but didn’t quite keep that promise.  I cut back, but didn’t abstain.  I can count the number of drinks I had on one hand, though.  Okay, make that two hands … and a foot.  Since I gave up beer, I tend to suck back the gin and soda like it’s water because at bar, served in a glass full of ice, it practically is water.  While I only drank about three or four times in the last few weeks, the one or two times it was at a bar resulted in a large quantity in my consumption.  At least there are no carbs!

I’ve mentioned the negative effect my weight loss has had on my wardrobe, before, and my desire to find some cheap suits to get me through the eventual sitting.   Well, two of the three suits from Beyond the Rack finally arrived after a couple of weeks of delay.  They were really nice, but I had already shrunk out of them.  I thought about keeping them.  After all, they were only $80 and just intended to get me through the next 2 – 2 1/2  months.  The problem was the suit’s jackets were big enough on me I honestly didn’t think they would make it the sitting, which could be as little as three weeks away!  I may just run back to Zara and pick up another suit like the one in my current profile picture.

I’ve called the clothing thing “a nice problem to have” before.  Frankly, it’s becoming just a plain problem.  I’ve already replaced the size size 38 belt I bought in February with a size 34.  It may not seem like it, but I don’t like spending money on stuff I’m not going to get much use out of.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to buy stuff.  I normally buy books, gadgets, and clothes.  All three of which I used to get significant use out of.  I buy some electronic doo-dad when the one I’m using wears out. I got five years out of my first iPod before I replaced it.  By the time I bought my Touch, my old school 4G had about a 20 minute battery life.   My fall splurge at Moores was precipitated by the fact that I wore out three of my suits towards the end of the spring sitting.

I used to have a terrible track record of impulse purchases and not anticipating future needs. In January 2004, I bought a Dell computer using their four year payment plan.  Thinking they would be unnecessary expenses, I didn’t opt for either the larger 40 GB hard drive or the internal wifi card. A few months later I bought my first iPod and copied my 200+ CDs to my 30 GB hard drive.  A year later, I upgraded to a better digital camera, which meant larger file sizes per picture.  Fredericton’s free wifi network was then only confined to a few downtown city blocks and my parents’ house was still using dial-up, so a wifi card seemed like a pointless expense.  Within the year, the network would expand to most of the major parts of the city and the service providers finally offered hi-speed internet to New Maryland.  The net results of this lack of foresight was spending more money on a computer to constantly play catch-up with technology.  By the time I began the search for the Dell’s replacement in 2008, it could barely turn on.  After months of research, I decided to go whole hog with the highest end 15″ MacBook Pro of the line.  Sure, I spent almost two grand when I could have gotten way with a much cheaper Windows laptop, but how many times when I was writing my dissertation did you see a status message complaining about some computer failure at a critical juncture in my writing? None.

Buying clothes right now just reminds me of old, spendthrift me.

The long and short of it is, though, I’m going to buy some new clothes now that I know will not fit in a couple of months.   Suck it up.  I know many of think this may be rare for someone in my profession, but I’ll be honest that one of the reasons I’m doing this is to look better.  I never felt I looked bad when I was heavier (looking back is entirely different story), but one of my motivations is to have my outer self look more like my inner self.  Remember:  of what ever maladies I may have or had, a deficiency in self-esteem was never one of them.  If I don’t buy clothes that fit better, I’m actually wasting the money I’m spending on training because I look like a cancer patient wearing that oversized stuff instead of projecting the healthier, new me.

Summer stuff is going to be even tougher.  I know there’s no point in buying summerwear now because it will be too big by the time the season actually arrives.  Last weekend it was actually nice enough to wear shorts.  I put on a pair of blue and white plaid Columbia shorts.  They were so big, they looked like a kilt.  Maybe Romard was up to something back at STU?

Since I’m heading to DC at the end of next week, I may not have the time to write an entry for next week.  I’ll certainly keep you updated on the results.



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